Training Programs


  1. Introduction To The journey
  2. It’s All About Love
  3. The Unexpected Jesus
  4. Destiny In Your DNA
  5. Steps to Faith
  6. It’s Up To You

Includes 6 x 5 minutes videos, 6 discussion guides, and 6 sermon outlines


This comprehensive series of videos provides a clear understanding of how we can support people on the journey to Jesus, at every step along the way.  The series builds on week 5 of the Journey To Jesus and helps everyone from the pastor to the new believer to connect with those still on the journey to Jesus.

  1. Avoiding the Truth
  2. Going Your Own Way
  3. No God Framework
  4. No Framework = Emptiness
  5. Presence Of A Supreme Being
  6. Initial Awareness Of The Gospel
  7. Realisation of the Fundamentals
  8. Grasping The Implications
  9. A Positive Attitude
  10. Recognition Of Personal Problems
  11. Choosing to Act
  12. Deciding Repentance and Faith

Includes 12 x 5 minutes videos, 12 discussion guides, and 12 sermon outlines

These series are ideally presented with 1 or 2 x half day Seminars and the Sunday messages to enhance congregational understanding in relation to community pathways making it easy for people to move towards the point of decision.